We prepare lease documents using the California Association of Realtors approved forms for leasing.  The actual Rental/Lease Agreement is 6 pages. Individual Landlords/Owners may have special provisions and wording for Addenda that will be incorporated. Typical lease files have as many as 15 pages, including the addenda.

You show the property, have the initial contact with tenant applicant, negotiate the terms, then our service takes over.

  • Coach Landlord on the process of getting the Applicant’s application and supporting documents.
  • Obtain outline of the rental terms from the Landlord/Agent as pre-negotiated between the parties to the lease/rental agreement. Ensure that all parties  signed and initialed the contract, amendments.
  • Ensure the Rental Application and Landlord Guidelines are completed by the Applicant.
  • Notify all parties to the transaction and introduce our role and involvement.
  • If directed for the Landlord, applications may be sent to us for assembly and set up for Landlord  Landlord or Agent for review and approval.  Once returned, notify Applicant that a draft will be sent to them for review.


  • Once the Applicants wants to move forward, the Landlord/Agent will schedule a meeting to have a pre move in walk through and lease signing appointment.
  • Coach Landlord on the process of finalizing the transactional file for safe keeping.
  • Final review of the file for document compliance.

Parties to a transaction include, but are not limited to:

– Tenant
– Owner/Landlord
– Real estate agents for either or both sides
– Property Insurance Company
– Trustees
– HOA/management company
– Repair and other vendors
– Attorney, accountant or other professional bought in by Principals

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is highly recommended that  Landlords and Agents become familiar with the Fair Housing Laws for the U.S. and the State of California.




Although the Transaction Coordinator (TC) handling your file is a California Broker licensed with the California Department of Real Estate, at no time is it to be presumed or assumed that the TC will counsel you on legal matters or negotiate on your behalf.

You may be presented with options but it would be beyond the scope of a TC to advise as to which option to choose since there is no agency relationship between the TC and any party to the transaction. If any “red flag” issues come up during the process, it may be appropriate to check with a qualified real estate attorney for advice.


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