We track all the processing requirements for you.

For Real Estate Sales:


  • Obtain and review the offer to purchase agreement as pre-negotiated between the buyer and seller. Ensure that both buyer and seller have signed and initialed the contract, amendments and counter offers with proper dates..
  • Prepare a List of Contingencies for the completion of the escrow and apply/prepare a Timeline Report to track progress.
  • Prepare a Contact Management Sheet of the parties involved in the transaction and distribute.
  • Notify all parties to the transaction and introduce our role and involvement.
  • Prepare the Seller Disclosure Package for seller to complete using California Association of Realtors (CAR) winforms. Review for completeness upon the return by Seller. (All in accordance with: There are over 21 types of disclosure inspections a buyer is entitled to. The TC will ensure timely inspections and/or waivers are signed by the buyer.
  • Open escrow and obtain the file number. Instruct buyer/agent where to deposit the earnest deposit. Review the draft escrow instructions before sent to seller for completions.
  • Send all the seller disclosures to the buyer or buyer’s agent for signature and return. Once returned, review the documents for completeness and all required signatures, dates, etc.
  • Order the Natural Hazard Report and Home Warranty Policy. Distribute copies to escrow, cooperating agent, and seller.
  • Consult with seller in scheduling a Termite Inspection (if required). Instruct company where to send the report.
  • Request the buyer/agent to order a home inspection and let the seller know when that date is. Should seller elect not to have one, prepare the “waiver of inspection” form for buyer signature. If buyer is requesting repairs or credits, review with the seller the options for response. Prepare the documents per the seller’s instructions to submit to the buyer/agent.
  • Follow up with escrow to ensure that the buyer has deposited the earnest deposit check and has returned their escrow documents.
  • Regular follow up with the buyer’s agent and buyer’s lender to find out the status of the loan progress. Ensure that the appraisal has been ordered to meet time lines.
  • Follow up weekly on missing paperwork from all sides of the transaction (buyer/seller/agents)
  • Verify 1 week prior to closing that all documents, repairs and loan documents are ready for finalization. Prepare any documentation to extend the times or demand performance.
  • Two days prior to closing, ensure that the loan documents have been signed by the buyer and ready for lender funding.
  • Discuss with seller the arrangement for transfer of keys and move out plans, including reminders for utility account transfers.
  • Request escrow to send an Estimated HUD Closing Statement for audit of closing costs.
  • Final review of the file for document compliance.
  • If desired, all files and documents can be maintained on a web based transaction management plat form “Track My File” for ease in obtaining updates on files. Storage of documents with ease of access to only those parties entitled to have them.

Parties to a transaction include, but are not limited to:

– Buyer
– Seller
– Real estate agents for either or both sides
– Escrow Company
– Property Insurance Company
– Title Company
– Lender
– Inspectors
– HOA/management company
– Repair and other vendors
– Attorney, accountant or other professional bought in by buyer or seller.
– Transaction coordinator representing the other side, if any.




Although the Transaction Coordinator (TC) handling your file is a California Broker licensed with the California Department of Real Estate, at no time is it to be presumed or assumed that the TC will counsel you on legal matters or negotiate on your behalf.

You may be presented with options but it would be beyond the scope of a TC to advise as to which option to choose since there is no agency relationship between the TC and any party to the transaction. If any “red flag” issues come up during the process, it may be appropriate to check with a qualified real estate attorney for advice.


Transaction Coordinators - Marti Scott,  California Transaction Coordinator - 951-308-1917 - Serving Riverside, San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernadino Counties

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